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Queen’s Park Observer is a newsletter for people interested in everything that’s going on at the Pink Palace (so nicknamed for the pinkish hue of its sandstone facade).

The lodestar will be to bring you in-depth coverage on the most powerful people in Ontario politics, the ins and outs of policymaking, and to shine a spotlight on the arguably underreported underbelly of political parties when it comes to nominations.

Think of it as your playbook for navigating the politics, policies and people around Queen’s Park. It’s stuff you’ve never had but always needed. And it’s become the most-read newsletter at Queen’s Park.

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About Sabrina

Queen’s Park Observer is written by me, Sabrina Nanji. I’m a seven-year veteran of the Legislature’s Press Gallery. (I’m also the first woman of colour to sit on its executive. Read: I’m a huge nerd for the job and take the fight for journalistic access seriously.)

I’ve covered Ontario politics and policy for the Toronto Star, TVO.org and Reuters, and cut my newsletter teeth at QP Briefing and Queen’s Park Today. That’s where I carved out the inside track on political reporting — igniting the idea for this newsletter. (You can read more about the premise and inspiration in this teaser post.)

Some of my favourite #onpoli stories include: breaking the news that meme group Ontario Proud’s biggest donors were real estate developers, uncovering allegations of racism and preferential treatment in Liberal nominations, digging into family dynasties in the 2018 Tory leadership contest, and revealing a PC MPP who threw her hat in the federal political ring was elbowed out by her own provincial party.

Read up on Queen’s Park Observer’s biggest scoops and most popular stories so far.

You can catch me as a regular on Newstalk 1010, TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin, the am640 Toronto morning show, SiriusXM’s The Daily Edition with Matt Gurney and more. I’ve also been a panelist and moderator at political and policy conferences and a guest speaker at post-secondary institutions.

I was born in Etobicoke, grew up in Brampton, went to school in Ottawa (Go Ravens!) and am now settled in Midtown Toronto, where I love to grab coffee with readers to hear their story ideas. If you’ve got something percolating, drop me a line at sabrina@qpobserver.ca.

Photo by my friend Graham Isador

Out of office policy: Each year, I take four weeks off — two in the summer and two in the winter. During some of those weeks, you’ll receive no new newsletters. But during other weeks, you’ll receive one or two roundup posts, depending on the news cycle. This way, you won’t miss any important goings-on at Queen’s Park. The time off helps me recharge and write better stuff the rest of the year.

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Sabrina Nanji 
I'm a seven-year veteran of the Queen's Park Press Gallery. Regularly: Newstalk1010, The Agenda with Steve Paikin, AM640, SiriusXM’s The Daily Edition with Matt Gurney, and more. Previously: Toronto Star, TVO.org, Reuters, QP Briefing, QP Today.