Introducing your Pink Palace playbook for navigating Ontario politics, policy and people.
A drag race, fresh oppo, the budget, throne speech and more
Also: Ford breaks silence on hospitals, Fraser officially takes the Liberal reins, Ministers staff up, Steini steps down
Also: Budget watchdog reflects, a jolt for EVs, code red for hospitals, comms staffer moves, big birthdays
Also: Meet Bethlenfalvy's new stakeholder director, who could replace Horwath, fundraising watch, all kinds of labour pain, budget watchdog reports
Also: Horwath's Steeltown bid, big staff moves, Jones shows up (but you might've missed it)
Also: Lecce can't rule out legislating away teacher strikes, Grits react to Fraser taking the reins again
Also: Grits debrief election sans campaign director, Massoudi and more move on from PO, Lecce's mid-bargaining announcement, Leal launches
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