Introducing your Pink Palace playbook for navigating Ontario politics, policy and people.
Also: Greens with envy, more health deal hints, a primer on the finance minister's meeting, ex-premiers get candid, meet the AG's new policy director…
"He's sorry alright - sorry he got caught."
Also: Ford's big hints on health deal and bail reform, bad news for Naqvi, Wiarton Willie's sports betting debut, spicy Spotteds, and more
Also: Calandra on new LTC standards, credit scores, staff moves, and what is "Worst Case Ontario"?
Also: Meet Fadi El Masry, between the lines of the premiers' health talks, credit score incoming, travelling committees, regulatory roundup
Also: Ford vs. feds: a turf war and health deal; Hurricane Hazel's complicated legacy; who's who at Onley's funeral; fresh polling on health…
Also: Barnes' $17K bash, big bets on iGaming, fresh polling on notwithstanding clause, peak flu, Sousa's renaissance, save the whales
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